What is The Woo District?

The Woo District

I became interested in Minimalism a few years into college by first coming across Leo Babauta’s blog, ZenHabits, and was immediately hooked. I had never paid attention to my lifestyle in terms of possessions and it was when I came across his site that I realized how complicated we make our own lives.

I quickly found other bloggers who wrote about minimalism and began to apply those concepts to my life. As I started applying these concepts I realized that I was starting to simplify my possessions which helped but there always seem to be that other area in my life that was all over the place… my finances.


It was after I graduated college that I started listening to Dave Ramsey and actually became serious about figuring out what I was doing with my money. A reason I love his philosophy is because it is so simple and easy to understand. He even breaks up his system into what he calls “baby steps” which guide you into living a life of financial freedom.

I will soon be writing a post giving a brief explanation on what those baby steps are. This is the system I am currently following to get out of my current debt situation. I started listening to him after my parents became debt free following his plan.

I still have a lot to learning about finances and I am sure it will be a struggle to get rid of all of my debt but I am determined to do it.  I will be updating this site with any financial tips I come across along the way as well as other topics that may not directly relate to finances but will be about living a more minimalist lifestyle which means that fewer possessions = simpler life = less unnecessary spending.

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