We’re Engaged!

We're Engaged

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I am recently engaged! It came as a complete surprise and I’m so happy and excited to start planning a wedding. I posted about the engagement on Instagram and received awesome feedback about throwing a wedding on a budget. After reading through the comments and doing some research, we’ve started to make a few decisions regarding that special day.  As far as a date, we are thinking it will be sometime mid-2017.  A few decisions we HAVE set are the budget, wedding theme, and venue. Everything else is still in the works.

We're Engaged!

The Budget

We’ve decided on a budget of $10,000 which we will be cash flowing.  Fortunately, my fiance has already started saving for this so it should not affect my debt payoff plan. I remember reading somewhere that the average cost of a wedding is between $27k – $30k. I was shocked and knew immediately that we were not going to spend that much. We’ve agreed to put in a lot of work in order to get this wedding to look nice and stay on budget.

The Theme

Because we will be doing this on a budget, A LOT of DIY projects will be involved. Fortunately, we both love working with our hands so we are looking forward to all the planning and creating. The theme we are going with is an outdoor boho-chic wedding. I’ve started putting together a mood board with ideas which I have included below. I love the casual, simple and relaxed decor involved with this type of wedding.

Gray Wedding Mood Board

The Venue

As much as I would love a wedding here in Palm Springs, the venues we’ve researched are just too expensive. If we were to have a wedding here, half of our budget would easily go to that alone. Because of this, we have decided instead to get married in Tecate, BC. My fiance’s parents own a house on a large piece of property and are willing to let us use the outdoor space for our wedding. Just by making this decision we will be saving over $5k. This frees up a lot of money in our budget to add those personal touches to this space.

Again, Thanks to everyone who left their suggestions and advice on my Instagram! There was so much helpful feedback that I will be taking into consideration as I keep planning the rest of the details.


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  • Congrats! That’s exciting. Leigh from Leighs Financial Journey recently got married and had a pretty cheap wedding. I think most of their costs were just flying family members out to wherever they had it.

  • Not having to pay outright for a venue is such an amazing blessing! Your mood board is also beautiful – I hope you’ll keep us updated on your progress!

    • Yes, that is going to save us so much money! I plan to add some wedding related posts here and there that might help others who are looking to throw a wedding on a budget 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

  • Hi Amanda I’m so happy for you and your fiance. I too am recently engaged but for the second time though. You seem like such smart people for creating a budget and not going overboard with a big wedding. I admire that as I didn’t do that for my first wedding that ended in divorce after 12 years.

    If I could be so bold as to share a few thoughts with you about my experience and what I learned the first time around. As always…takenit or leave it ?

    This is YOUR special day so do it with you and your fiance in mind, not for the people that will be attending. Make it memorable so when those difficult days of married life come around you can pull out the video or pictures and reflect how you felt on that day and hopefully it will bring you back to that spot in your heart. Discuss with your fiance who will clean the toilets once you get married and kids come along. Who will pay the bills, who will cook the meals, who will do the shopping for food, (birthday presents/cards and Christmas presents/cards for extended family members, etc) Ask each other “how do you picture our lives 5 years from now?” “What are your dreams for retirement and how do you plan on getting there?”
    This stuff isn’t sexy but trust me a lot about married life is not sexy and it can be the difference between being happy or…well…not!
    My best to you both! ❤️

    • Now that we are in the wedding planning process, I constantly have to stop and remind myself that it is our special day and there is no need to try and please other people. Thanks for the reminder. We will definitely be having those difficult conversation prior to getting married. Thanks for the advice Jackie!