Time to Take Action

Time to Take Action

Such a simple and obvious phrase but when I read this the other day, it made me ponder for a bit. We sometimes spend so much time researching how to do things like how to start a blog, lose weight etc. or spend time reading success stories of others who have achieved things we would like to do, that we fail to direct that time into action. And to achieve our goals we need … action.

I have been paying my student loans off for the past 2 years, throwing as much money as I felt comfortable with but still maintaining a pretty generous lifestyle. Lets just say I was not “gazelle intense”. I made pretty good progress but I know I could do so much better… if I just took some intentional action.

So I am taking action. I am giving myself a timeline to be DONE with this debt and I have started this blog as a way to share my journey.

I had been wanting to start a blog for a while. I always found it very interesting to read other people’s debt-free stories. It motivates me so much to see others in a similar situation come out winning and I want to be that motivation for someone one day. I spent so much time reading articles on how to start blogs, tips on creating great content, etc. but I’ve realized that the only way I am really going to learn is to just go for it and start writing.

So here we go,




By putting my debt journey out there, I will think twice when I want to slip up and purchase something out of my budget. I think it will be a great way to see my progress and serve as motivation to myself to keep going.


Personal finance has interested me for years. I listened to personal finance podcasts, read blogs and feel like I’ve learned so much doing so. Of course I’m not an expert, but I certainly know more than I did a few years back.


Like I said, I am no expert but I feel like I have gained some knowledge on personal finance and I would like to share that with others who are looking for the same.  I came across Dave Ramsey a year after graduating college with student loans and would have been extremely grateful if I would have learned about debt and student loans before I got myself into that mess.



My ultimate goal for Minimalist Finance is to encourage others, through my story, to take control of their finances.  I will be as transparent as I can and show others that you can be responsible with your finances and enjoy your journey. You can minimize your possession so that you have quality over quantity. That being on a budget and taking care of your finances doesn’t mean your life will suck and that you will feel restrained all the time.

It actually feels the opposite of that and I want to show you how.

What actions are you taking to become debt-free?  Any helpful tips and ideas please share below!

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