I created this resource page as a way to collect all the useful things I use for running my blog in one place.

Personal Finance

EBATES – Ebates– If you’re interested in Ebates, you can read my review here. I’ve made about $30 in the last 3 months that I’ve been with them. I usually don’t trust online money making survey, or sometimes I think the amount of work is not worth it. Well with ebates, anytime you make a purchase you are eligible to get some cashback amount which they will then send you a check for.D

DEBT SNOWBALL + I found this app on the Iphone apps for 1.00. I use it to keep track on all my loans and their debt amount. I like it because it puts the loans in order from smallest to largest and show so you can always see what loan you are working in. It also adds up all the loan amounts and palces that number at the top as soon as you open the app. I am sconstantly going to this app to get a quick glimpse of my debt payoff journey. I would recommend this ap[p to anyone whorking on the debt snowball. Their graphics are pretty good, better than other ones I’ve seen. Ifyou want to see an example of what it looks like, I am constantly posting my debt payoff progress on Instagram of these aps.



FLYWHEEL – Flywheel. – The Woo District is hosted on Flywheel. I had some other hosting company which I was not very happy with. My blog was down for about 1 month before I decided to abandon it and start over with Flywheel. Since I’ve been with Flywheel I’ve had no problems and everything is easy to do. It is a little on the pricier side and I would recommend to switch over if you are serious about starting a blog and need something reliable.

HOVER:  Hover: Hover is something I use to get my domains and as my email service. I don’t like having my email and my hosting on the same account because if the hosting goes down everything goes down with it. I’ve had Hover th same amount of time that I’be had Flywheel hosting and have had a great experience with it.

SITEGROUND –  SiteGround: If you are just starting a blog I would recommend that you get an hosting account with Siteground. There starting plan is reallhy affordable and they are reliable.



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