November 2019 Budget Overview

When I first started this blog in 2016 it was during the thick of my debt payoff journey. There were many things I was doing to stay motivated, one of them was listening to the Dave Ramsey podcast daily, the other was constantly being reminded of my why and the third was my monthly debt progress reports I would post on the blog. Now that we’re debt free I find that we are not as motivated to save money so I thought I would start posting our monthly budget and savings progress to have something to keep us accountable.

Budget recap

Our fixed expenses for this month are the same except for the absence of our rent. We’ve just put in our 30 day notice and will be moving out of our apartment by the end of this month. (We paid for November’s rent at the end of October.)

My husband has been wanting to go to school for his barbering license and will finally get to do that. In order for him to go back to school, he will be quitting his full-time job for 10 months so we will be moving in with my parents during this time.

November Budget

We were paying $800 a month for our small one-bedroom apartment. My parent’s are living alone in their 4 bedroom home, so we will be taking advantage of the opportunity to move in and save on rent while my husband goes to school.

We plan on living with my parents for 12-14 months. Once my husband is licensed and back to working full-time, we will be back to a two income household and will be able to make a better decision on our next move.

If you’re interested in downloading the same budget layout I use, check out the blog post below where you will find the link to download the PDF’s.


November’s variable expenses

The Variable Expenses column on the budget sheet are for expenses that vary like birthdays and holidays.

This month we have a line item for our daughter’s baptism in two weeks. We’re just doing the church ceremony, no gathering or party afterward (possibly just go out to brunch with the family.) This line item in our budget is for her gown and accessories that will be used.

My driver’s license renewal has come up and I’ve budgeted the renewal fee and registration sticker fee since I lost mine and need to get that replaced.

Changes to our budget

Since my sinking funds post a while back, we’ve made some changes to this category. Our current sinking funds have narrowed down to just four: Christmas, Vehicle Repairs, Life Insurance, and Travel Fund. I had created different savings accounts in our Capital One account but we’re going back to savings these funds in cash. I like the idea of not seeing this amount in the bank, and just having the cash put away (out of sight, out of mind), until the day we need it.

November’s Savings Goal

After laying out this month’s budget and telling our money where to go, we are able to save:


I will be reporting our savings amount at the end of the month and hoping we can achieve this goal!

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