November 2015 Debt Payoff Report

Debt Payoff Report

This month I didn’t pay off as much as I had hoped to. I had a few big expenses come up, which meant I had to sacrifice putting that money towards my debt. The first expense was $200 for my annual dentist visit where they did a cleaning and took care of a couple of cavities. Although it was a good amount of money, I didn’t feel too bad about it. It was something I needed to be done and I was going to have to pay for it sooner or later.  The other expenses were for early Christmas presents I bought. This year I’m trying to do all my Christmas shopping online. So far so good. Last year I waited until the last minute and was super stressed out by the end.

Either way, although I didn’t pay down as much as I wanted to, I did manage to decrease my debt amount by $766 this month.  Below is a detailed breakdown of my debt:

Debt Payoff Report November

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