Monday Words: Quit Talking and Begin Doing

Quit Talking and Just Start

Last Saturday I was walking through the book aisle at Target and came across #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. I’ve been seeing this book all over social media but it hadn’t caught my interest until I picked it up and glimpsed through the pages. I love reading stories about how successful businesses got to where they are now and this book was no disappointment. I ended up buying the book and finished it by the end of the weekend.

The main point that stood out to me is that in order to make things happen you have to start. And although I do believe that if you want your business to thrive you have to have a plan, there comes a point when you can’t let the planning and researching stop you from creating.

So of course when I came across the quote above I knew I had to share.

I had been wanting to start a blog since I was in college but never got around to it because I didn’t know what topics I would blog about and even what to name the blog. I never ended up starting because I didn’t have those answers. Then about 2 years ago I started this blog with the mentality that I would tweak the direction of the blog as I went along.

I started the blog in October of 2015 and it was called Minimalist Finance.

At first I was just documenting my journey to debt freedom. As I wrote in the blog I realized I wanted to share other aspects of my life (not just the financial part) and it was about a year later that I changed the name to The Woo District. I’m glad I decided to just go for it. Although I would like to produce more content for this blog,Β  I’ve learned a lot since I hit “Publish” on that first blog post.

Anyway, if there’s a business you’ve been wanting to start, a blog you’ve been waiting to write or something you’re afraid of doing because you’re afraid to start, I recommend you do just that. Just start. Stop analyzing and wishing for it and just do it. It won’t be perfect, but know that with time you’ll be able to improve upon it.

What dreams have you been thinking about lately? What’s stopping you from taking that first step towards that goal?

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