May 2016 Debt Payoff Report

Debt Payoff Report

After a month hiatus on these monthly payoff reports, I have finally come around to putting together the report for the month of May. A little more progress has been made these past 2 months in comparison to the beginning of this year. I feel like I’m finally getting back on track from all of the unexpected expenses I encountered.

Cutting down on the budget can be pretty difficult and one major area I’ve been having trouble with is FOOD. I’m not a very good cook and lack creativity in the kitchen so I’m not doing very good cutting expenses in this area. I think what I need to do is put together a very simple meal plan that I can follow. I’ve noticed that the times I end up spending too much money on food is when I get home from tired from work and don’t have any groceries or food. This means I end up eating out constantly which can really start to add up. I have also been reading other inspiration stories of 20-year-olds paying down massive amounts of debt by working 2-3 side jobs in addition to their full-time job and I’m thinking of doing something similar.

See a breakdown of my debt payoff report for the month of May below:

Debt Payoff Report May

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