March 2017 Debt Payoff Report

March 2017 Debt Payoff Report

Another month has passed and I’ve hit my monthly goal of over $1k towards debt repayment. This month I was able to bring my debt down by $1,498.00,  a little bit more than I had budgeted. As I start to see the finish line get closer, I enjoy creating these reports more and more. I have to give credit to the Dave Ramsey podcast for providing daily motivation to

Just Keep Going…

Today I was listening to a debt free scream and started to daydream about what I could do once I paid off my debt (start funding retirement, save for a house, see my savings account grow). I got really excited and right then and there I logged into my Chase account and sent another $100 of my spending money towards my credit card debt. It’s so helpful to surround yourself with constant motivation when you are on this journey. Listening to other people in similar situation reaching goals you’ve set for yourself gives a huge boost of encouragement and determination to keep going. Definitely recommend! Now onto the breakdown of this month’s progress.

The Numbers

March 2017 Debt Payoff Report

Next Month:

My goal for next month is to keep my streak of paying down my debt by at least $1k. I’ve been pretty busy wedding planning so this is the only financial goal I’ll be setting this month. I’ll let you know how I do in my next Debt Payoff Report!

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