Make Money Selling on Mercari (5 Tips to Get Started)

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I started selling on Mercari in May after growing tired of our bulky 2-piece stroller. I’d been looking for something more compact, lightweight & easy to fold. After browsing through various options, I came across the Colugo stroller which had everything we were looking for.

The only problem was, I didn’t feel comfortable spending $280 on something we didn’t necessarily “need.” I decided the only way we would purchase it is if we could sell things we no longer used to offset the cost.

I started listing outgrown baby clothes and baby gear at the end of June and in two months I was able to make enough to cover 100% of the cost. I continue to list and sell items on Mercari and find that it’s an easy way to make some extra cash (& declutter at the same time).

5 Tips To Get Started Selling

If youโ€™re new to selling on Mercari I have some great tips to get started:

1. Include โ€œFree Shippingโ€ with your items

I’ve found that most people (myself included) are more likely to make a purchase if it has “Free Shipping.” Mercari gives you the option of including shipping in your listing, just make sure to price accordingly. Depending on the size and weight of the item I’m selling, I will increase the price $4-6 dollars to account for shipping costs.

2. Take good photographs

One of the most important aspects of selling online is the photography. You can make something look 3x more expensive if you have the correct lighting & angles. I photograph the clothing I sell on a white background with natural lighting by using a piece of white foam board I bought at Staples. I also make sure to take my photos when I get good indirect natural sunlight in my living room, which tends to be around mid-morning to early afternoon.

3. Photograph and list all defects

Having good reviews is important as a seller. I’m hesitant to purchase from a seller that doesn’t have good reviews, especially if the number one complaint is that the item is “not as described”. This is why it’s important to make sure you photograph and list any defects that the item may have. This way the buyer knows exactly what you’ll be sending them and won’t ding your rating because of a defect you didn’t show in your listing.

4. Have shipping supplies on hand

Mercari gives you 3 business days to ship your items but the sooner you ship the better. In order for me to ship quickly, I make sure to have all the shipping supplies I need on hand.

I use polymailers for most of my sales since they’re great for clothing items. I bought a 100 pack for $10 on amazon, as well as some thank you stickers that I add as a nice touch to my packages. Because I have everything I need, when I get a sale it takes me about 5 minutes to get it ready to ship.

5. Use Pirateship to create your own shipping labels

I recently learned about Pirateship and love how easy it is to use. This site allows you to create your own USPS shipping labels based on weight and size of package.

If you’ve ever used Mercari’s labels, you will notice that they have weight tiers that determine the shipping cost. The bad thing about this is that if you have a package that weighs 6 oz, it falls in the first tier of 0-1lbs which is $4.25.ย  If you were to print that label yourself through Pirateship it would only be about $3. These few extra dollars add up which is why I like to list my items as “ship on your own,” which means I’ll create my own label when it sells.

Bonus Tip

Relist stale items. I’ve found that when items have been sitting on my shop for a while, relisting helps to get the item back on the top of peoples feeds which makes it more likely to sell.

Lets talk about fees. Mercari charges a 10% selling fee, but there are no listing fees. This means you can list as many items as you want for free, you will only pay fees once an item sells.

Want to learn more about selling on Mercari? If you have any more questions I suggest joining the Mercari group on Reddit. I’m constantly in there learning new things from people who have experience selling on this platform.

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