July 2017 Debt Payoff Report

July was a tough month financially. We got married the last weekend of the month and had a lot of last-minute expenses creep up. I had a feeling this was going to happen so I wasn’t so bummed out when I didn’t meet my debt payoff goal.

Now that the wedding is behind us, I am very excited to talk about finances with my husband and get the debt payoff ball rolling again. Fortunately, he is coming into the marriage with zero debt so my debt amount won’t be increasing at all. We haven’t sat down and crunched numbers but we have talked about it and by the looks of it I’m going to pay my debt off faster than I thought since we will now be combining our income.

Super excited to get this baby step behind us and onto the fun part of actually saving money and seeing the savings number go up!

A quick recap on the debt payoff report:

I’m so close to paying off my smallest loan (ECSI) and should probably be done with it by the end of August. Then I’ll be moving on to attacking my car loan! So close to owning that outright. My last 2 loans I’ll be focusing on will be those dreaded Nelnet student loans.

Debt Payoff Report

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