How I Keep Track Of My Monthly Bills (Free Printable Bill Tracker)

When I was paying off my student loans I was juggling about 10-12 bills a month. The only way to ensure I was making payments on time was with the help of a bill tracker spreadsheet I created in Excel. Anytime I paid a bill, I would open my laptop and update the spreadsheet. It helped me make sure all my payments went out on time and I was able to quickly see which payments still needed to go out that month.

I’ve created an editable printable version of that bill tracker spreadsheet which you can add to your budgeting documents. Click on the link below to download!

Bill Tracker Download

Download Bill Tracker


Author: Amanda

Amanda graduated architecture school in 2012 with approximately $24k in student loans. Soon after, she financed a car a year later and ended up with a total of $40,000.00 in debt at the end of 2013. After being introduced to the Total Money Makeover book by Dave Ramsey she completely changed her views on personal finance and decided to stop borrowing money and focus on becoming debt free. She is Debt Free as of October 2017.

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