February 2016 Debt Payoff Report

Debt Payoff Report

I missed my monthly payoff goal of $1,250 by $623.11. It seems like every month I come across a few unexpected expenses that set me back. This month it was a trip to urgent care. I usually don’t like going to the doctor but this bug/flu hit me pretty hard. I ended up paying $350 for my visit to urgent care because my health insurance doesn’t kick in until the beginning of next month. Another expense that came up this month were new tires for my car. They ended up costing me an additional $404. I’m glad I was able to cash flow these expenses and that I didn’t have to put it on credit, but it did keep me from making a bigger dent on my debt payoff.

Next month I will start paying for health insurance again which means I will need to re-budget $200/month for this new expense. Since the holidays I have slowly been increasing my payoff amount each month, so hopefully I keep this trend going and can soon start paying off $1,250/month which was my original goal.

You can take a look at a detailed breakdown of my debt payoff below:

Debt Payoff Report February

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