Do you have a side hustle?

Side Hustle

I currently work in an architecture firm and although I love my job, I can’t help but constantly think of new ways I can earn more income. I am really motivated to pay off my debt and I know that the only way to get there faster is to side hustle and create more sources of income.

I’ve been brainstorming possible options and have come up with the following:


I have always loved making things and working with my hands. Hence, getting into architecture school. When I was in college I started an Etsy account selling bracelets and hair clips. I remember being really excited when I sold my first product, the sales came trickling in but as some of you may know architecture school is extremely demanding. This meant I had to pause this little business I had going. It was either that or get ZERO sleep.  Unfortunately this “pause” became permanent.

Well, I’ve decided to start a new Etsy shop where I have listed some leather items I have been making. If you want to take a peak the link is: Minimalist Finance .  I plan to continue to add other items made from concrete, wood and fabric. I received a sewing machine this past Christmas and have been putting it to good use so expect to see a few fabric items in there soon!


Although I have never done this as a freelance gig, I feel like I would really enjoy it. The thing I love about architecture school is that you’re not just taught how to design buildings. You are trained to have an eye for design in general. I’ve always enjoyed playing around with graphics and I am thinking of giving this a shot. If you know of anyone in need of some help in the graphic design department I can help!


Definitely done this before. After going through a period of decluttering my possessions I took to Ebay to list all the items I didn’t want anymore. I was able to sell a few things and still have some others I have been meaning to add. I think this is a good way of making some extra income on items you have and no longer need/want.


If you have any other ideas you have found successful in generating a few extra bucks, let me know!

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