How I Keep Track Of My Monthly Bills (Free Printable Bill Tracker)

When I was paying off my student loans I was juggling about 10-12 bills a month. The only way to ensure I was making payments on time was with the help of a bill tracker spreadsheet I created in Excel. Anytime I paid a bill, I would open my laptop and update the spreadsheet. It helped me make sure all my payments went out on time and I was able to quickly see which payments still needed to go out that month.

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5 Sinking Funds I Started This Year

What is a Sinking Fund? A sinking fund is a way to save money for a specific purpose (usually an annual expense), by setting aside a certain amount of money each month. The purpose of a sinking fund is to avoid having to come up with large amounts of money for an expense that you can expect every year, e.g.

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We’ve Completed Baby Step 3!

Our 6 month emergency fund is finally fully funded! Almost a year after becoming debt free, we’ve finally completed baby step 3! If you follow the Dave Ramsey plan then you’re already familiar with this step which is to save 3-6 months of living expenses in an emergency fund. Because I’d rather be on the safe side, we decided to

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