April 2017 Debt Payoff Report

April 2017 Debt Payoff Report

I’m soo close to eliminating my credit card debt but can’t seem to get there. I think by my next paycheck I should finally be putting an end to it. After I pay off my Chase credit card, the only debts I have remaining are 3 student loan and my car loan. I started off with 8 loans and now I am down to 4!

Debt Payoff Progress (May through July)
I’ve mentioned before that my monthly goal is to pay down my debt by at least $1k a month. I managed to do that this month but I’m a bit worried about reaching that goal the next 3 months. I’m getting married at the end of July and although we had saved money for the wedding, I think I’m going to have to cash flow some of our last expenses. It bums me out that I won’t be able to use that money to pay off debt but at least we’re paying for that out of pocket and not getting any loans.

Now onto the debt payoff breakdown for the month of April:

Debt Payoff Report

If you’ve decided you want to focus on paying off your loans I definitely recommend you sit down and put together a budget! It has helped me get an overall picture of where my money is going and has helped increase the size of my payments each month. If you’re looking for some guidance on creating a budget I wrote a whole post on it here! 

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