5 Podcasts You Should Listen to if You Want to Start a Business

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I’ll start off by saying that I love listening to podcasts. I find it so convenient that I can plug in my headphones and get tasks done while I soak up knowledge for free. The first podcast I ever listened to was The Dave Ramsey Show. Since then I’ve broadened my library to a variety of different topics and have shared my favorites below.

If you have that itch to start a business or have just started one, I recommend the following podcasts. They will inspire, motivate, and provide you with some great advice you can apply to your new venture.

  1. How I Built This

    How I Built ThisWhat is it about?
    Guy Raz is the host of this podcast where he interviews the founders of successful businesses. Through the interview, they talk about their early days, how they got the idea and the struggles they went through to get to where they are. The struggles these people have gone through to get their business up and running and ultimately successful is really inspiring.  A few companies they have featured include Airbnb, Patagonia, Crate and Barrel, Spanx, Toms, Whole Foods and a handful more.

    Why did it make it on the list?
    This is my favorite podcast at the moment and I think Guy does a great job at leading the conversation. I also really enjoy the last few minutes of the show where they feature a small business that’s in its early days. It makes me realize that there are so many great ideas out there and so many people putting in the work!

  2. Don’t Keep Your Day Job

    Don't Keep Your Day JobWhat is it about?
    This podcast is hosted by Cathy Heller, a singer/songwriter who focuses on helping people pursue their passion. In her podcast episodes, she interviews all kinds of successful people from artists to bakers and fashion designers and gives great advice to those of us who have a passion and want to turn it into a full-time job.

    Why did it make it on the list?
    I like that she doesn’t jump straight into the interview but takes a few minutes at the start of her show to give you a “pep talk”. A lot of what she says speaks to me. This podcast is great source of motivation if you have the inkling to start your own business.

  3. Being Boss

    Being BossWhat is it about? 
    Kathleen and Emily are the hosts of this show, where they talk about all things business. Their topics range from business finances to how to get rid of any fears holding you back. They each run separate businesses so they have a lot of insight on how to get started and become successful.

    Why did it make it on the list?
    I find their episodes to be entertaining and full of advice. I also love that they are not afraid to incorporate “woo-woo” topics into their episodes (i.e. sending our intentions out into the universe).

  4. Business Boutique

    Business BoutiqueWhat is it about?
    This show is hosted by Christy Wright, a Dave Ramsey personality, who focuses on helping women succeed in small business. Her topics range from helping you create engaging content for your business to describing how being great communicators and storytellers can impact your business.

    Why did it make it on the list?
    I really enjoy Christy’s gift of storytelling. She’s great at talking about experiences she’s gone through and teaching a lesson she learned from it. I’ve learned really helpful and practical steps to take with my business from this podcast.

  5. The Smart Passive Income Blog

    Smart Passive IncomeWhat is it about?
    Pat from the Smart Passive Income podcast is another of my favorites. I can relate to his story because he too graduated with an architecture degree and worked in that field for a few years before getting laid off and starting his internet venture. He gives awesome advice for those who are on the online entrepreneurship journey.

    Why did it make it on the list?
    Pat seems like a very genuine guy who really enjoys helping people. I like listening to his podcast because despite his massive success he is still very down to earth.

There is one more podcast I just discovered and I can’t leave without mentioning it and that is Internet Business Mastery. I just discovered them after listening to a Smart Passive Income podcast where Pat Flynn mentions that listening to his podcast is what got him started. Since then I’ve been listening to their episodes non-stop and have enjoyed their great content.

Do you have any other suggestions for great business podcasts?

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