4 Things I’m Giving Up to Get Rid of Debt

Since starting this debt payoff journey, I’ve put much thought into what I’m spending my money on. I realized that although I don’t consider myself a spender, there are a few areas where I can cut expenses and use that money towards debt payoff instead.

Giving Up

Here are a few things I’ve decided to give up until I reach debt freedom:


    I used to be a HUGE coffee drinker. My daily cup of coffee habit started early on in college and since then it’s been hard for me to go a day without it. It’s been about a week since I stopped drinking coffee COLD-TURKEY! I’ve been struggling with the caffeine withdrawals but just thinking of all the money I’ll be saving is helping me get through it. I used to stop by Starbucks every day before work for my usual Iced Caramel Macchiato and a butter croissant. This was costing me a daily $6.90! This adds up to $48.30 per week, $193.20 per month or $2,318.40 a year!. Talk about a waste of money!


    Eating out was another one of my bad habits. To tell you the truth, I don’t really know how to cook which is why I would spend so much money in this category.  I’ve slowly been getting better at it, searching for quick and easy recipes online and asking friends and family for suggestions.
    I used to buy lunch every day. This can start to add up with lunch ranging from $5 – $9/day, five days a week. I’ve started cooking my food in batches and meal prepping at the beginning of the week. I’ve been doing this for about a week or so and so far so good. I’ve probably saved $40 this week alone!


    I don’t spend much time in front of the TV so I was not hesitant to live without this. Since moving out on my own, I haven’t signed up for cable at my apartment nor do I think I will anytime soon. In my case, this as a waste of money, especially when I can find so many things to watch and read online.


    I’m currently on a prepaid plan and have the iPhone 5s.  I know they’ve already moved on to the iPhone 6 and there are already rumors about an iPhone 7, but I know I won’t be upgrading anytime soon. Since I am on a prepaid account, I would have to buy the cell phone outright which would be about $600 for the latest iPhone. No thanks. My cell phone works perfectly fine. (Even though a larger screen would be nice!).

What have you given up in order to reach a financial goal?

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  • I gave up eating out but took it a step further by eating super cheap at home. Lentils are great for you and a bag that will make several pots costs about 44 cents. I was the queen of beans/lentils and rice. It worked!

    • Thanks for that suggestion! I love lentils but have never made some myself. I’m gonna have to look up recipes tonight. I think eating out was one of my biggest money wasters so anything I can do in this department is super helpful.
      Thanks for reading my post!

  • Good for you Amanda. Unfortunately we are not taught about money (extremely important reality of life) in school so it’s no surprise how much debt people accumulate in school loans and other stuff. I’m glad you started this blog and am glad to see you are successfully accomplishing your goals to become debt free.

    Youtube is great for stuff like cutting your own hair, fixing small repairs on your car, home, etc instead of paying someone to do it. Making meals and freezing them to save time and money, buying in bulk sometimes (not always) can sve you money.

    When you’re paying off your debt, start looking at investing in the market and begin investing in your future. Educate yourself about money so you can be financially free too. I look forward to seeing your progress. Jackie

    • Hi Jackie
      That is very true, I wish I could have taken a financial class when I was in high school. My financial picture would look completely different today.

      Fortunately, I gained an interest in personal finance these past few years which has led me to learn and read anything I can about it. I’m grateful that my financial situation is not too bad and that I now have the tools to change my circumstances around.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

  • We give up cable for almost two years. We brew our own coffee in the AM at home. I gave up shopping for clothes and I shop my closet. We also don’t go out to eat every week like we use to. I Cook every day and use a lot of the recipes found in the skinny taste website since I love eating healthy.

    • Ooh I’m going to have to checkout that website. Out of all the things I’m giving up, eating out has been the hardest.
      Thanks for taking the time to read my post!