4 Apps to help track your finances

Personal Finance Apps

There are hundreds of personal finance apps to that help you keep track of your money and bills. I’ve been through a few, some more complicated than others. Below I will list a few apps  I rely on to keep me on track of my bills and debt payoff journey.


Chronicle AppI use this app specifically to keep track of bill due dates. It does a great job at keeping you on top of upcoming bills and takes the hassle out of remembering when bills are due. The way this app works is you enter all of your bills, the amounts due and the due dates. This app then lists your bills according to their due dates, with the bill with the nearest due date at the top. You can then open up the app and with a quick glance figure out which bills are coming up and need to be paid.



Debt Snowball AppIf you have heard of Dave Ramsey, then you will be familiar with a method he teaches for getting out of debt called the Snowball method. Essentially Dave Ramsey recommends tackling your debts by starting on the debt you owe the least amount on regardless of interest rate. I have been using this method since I first heard of him and have found this app to be helpful in keeping track of what I am paying off. In this app, you enter all of your debts, interest rate, payment amount and due date and the app reorganizes your debts from smallest to largest and give you the grand total so you can quickly get an overview of how much debt you currently have. For those of you trying to get rid of debt using the snowball method I recommend you take a look at this app, it might make it easier.



Expensify AppThe reason I love this app is I can easily track what I am spending my money on. I think this app would also be great for small business owners who need to track their expenses for tax purposes. This app lets you categorize your expenses into reports. Another great perk is that you can link your bank account and your charges made with your debit card will automatically sync with the app and all you have to do is choose a category for each expense.




Scannable AppThis app is not directly related to finances but it has helped me keep track of my expenses. This is essentially a scanning app. You can take an image of any document and Scannable will turn it into a clear PDF. I can easily scan my receipt and upload them to my Evernote account. It has reduced the amount of paper I need to file away which means every time I receive a receipt I can just snap and throw the receipt away.



What apps do you to track your finances?

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